Unveiling of Concorde Model and Drooping Nose.

Last Friday (October 24), the Duxford Aviation Society revealed newly-restored features on its Concorde at IWM Duxford to mark the 11th anniversary of the last commercial Concorde flight. It followed 18 months of ‘painstaking restoration work’ and the aircraft now features fully-functional cockpit lighting and the operation of the its famous droop nose. It is the only Concorde in the UK with the ability to operate the nose mechanism.




The guest of honour at the unveiling ceremony was former Concorde pilot John Hutchinson, who said, of flying the Concorde: “It was quite an extraordinary feeling. You had no sensation of  speed at all. Other aircraft looked as if they were going backwards.


concorde model 040web



Accompanying the Duxford Aviation Society’s Concorde was a six metre-long model   which is on loan from the British Airways Heritage Collection.


concorde model 009web














The Duxford Aviation Society Chairman David Garside being interviewed by Anglia Television.


concorde model 043web.


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