Romance in the Air?

A private tour of Concorde 101 with friends turned into a very special occasion for Kalika. As she set off from Luton little did she know that her boyfriend, Minesh had been in touch with the Duxford Aviation Society, the owners of Concorde 101, and together they had hatched a plan using a Concorde tour as a smokescreen.  Canadian resident Minesh, was due into Heathrow the following day to visit Kalika. After touching-down a day early, he drove to Duxford to meet up with his fellow conspirators at DAS. By the time Concorde closed at 3.30, Minesh was inside the aircraft ready to meet the special guest. Kalika was greeted by the sight of  Minesh on one knee. After the initial shock, she accepted his proposal. It was a very special moment for both of them, as can be seen in the photos below.