RAMP RAMBLINGS……….By Keith Bradshaw, photo’s Steve Jeal.

An occasional update of DAS’s progress on the aircraft restorations.

The aeroplane showing the most progress is without doubt the Herald. Last year this was stripped back to bare metal and a basic Air UK paint scheme applied. Since then to the untrained eye not much has happened, well this is far from the truth.


DAS volunteers enjoying their work preparing to replace the windows.


Stormy sky’s at Duxford, its a good job the Herald is watertight!!!

Inside the floor panels have all been lifted and any corrosion issues dealt with and the floors refitted. The interior trim has been cleaned and repaired where necessary and Ray our upholsterer is making new panels as required. All the hat racks have been repaired and painted. Cabin windows have all been replaced with new Perspex ones made by Chippie Brian, whilst all the seats are in the workshop being restored.


The cockpit is progressing well and is close to completion.


Outside the Air UK stripes have started to be repainted but the biggie is the engines are back! A team of members from the Sunday group ,with the help of a crane from the Military Vehicle Wing, refitted both the Darts onto the wing in early August. With these now fitted the weight distribution in such that the fin and tailplane can follow next and it will begin to look like a complete aeroplane again.  There are some issues with the rudder fittings but repair of these has been undertaken by machinist Norman making up new parts as required.




Off the ramp in the Airspace hangar Concorde is being prepared for its internal revamp which should hopefully commence soon to give a better visitor experience. Meantime a new lightning rig has been made for the large Concorde model on loan from British Airways.

These are a few of the major jobs undertaken this year but work is always going on with the rest of the fleet to bring them up to scratch and keep them there. This however is a very expensive task ,(The VC10 scaffolding hire, cost £5500 alone ) if you can make a donation to the cause it would be gratefully accepted. Also if you like the sound of what’s going on why not join us and enjoy the benefits of being an active DAS member.