Poem for DAS 40th Anniversary

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Duxford Aviation Society Karina Bailey-Watson has written the following poem.

DAS’s 40th Anniversary

Duxford Aviation Society motto:-
Restituere et Conservo = Restore & Preserve

Took off in 1945
To keep aviation history alive
Now 40 years on
DAS is still going strong

Charity reaches for the skies
Yet grounded it never dies
Years of toil, hand in glove
Volunteers labour of love

Elderly couples strolling past
Memories that have last
Evoked by the sight
Of airliners once in flight

Holidays of bygone days
Restored in summer haze
Mementos of happy times
Forever standing in line

Excited children rushing by
Wishing that they could fly
Reaching for the highest heights
So many heart-warming sights

Concorde star flagship plane
Protected from sun and rain
Now in Airspace proudly stands
At Duxford, made its last land

Its electrics now revived
Droop nose has come alive
The fastest ‘swan’ ever made
Her legacy will never fade

Long live good old DAS
In a world moving on so fast
Aviation history we serve
To ‘Restore & Preserve’

Karina Bailey-Watson
4th June 2015