Handley Page Herald Restoration

The Handley Page Herald has been paint stripped over the past three weeks by a team of DAS volunteers led by Chris Giles.



The primary reason was to enable the condition of the fuselage to be assessed and this has been found to be generally good. The paint stripping took place on the hard standing in front of the gun butts where visitor numbers are relatively low and a messy job could be completed with minimal visual impact on the public.















Work was carried out now as the aircraft needed to be moved to its planned location in the line- up of civil airliners arranged in historical order in front of hangars 4 and 5 between the Britannia and the VC10.

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This move took place on Tuesday July 22nd with the help of IWM staff and the Herald is now dwarfed by the two larger aircraft on either side!

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We are currently considering whether or not to replace the original paint scheme or adopt a different livery. Unlike the Airspeed Ambassador and the Avro York, where major long term restoration schemes were carried out, the Herald is the subject of a less ambitious conservation scheme.

The interior is original and whilst showing inevitable signs of wear the tear there is no good reason to disturb it. As we now know the exterior of the fuselage is sound but a number of significant areas of corrosion are being attended to in the workshop mainly associated with the wings and tail plane.

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