Busman’s Holiday

What do professional museum guides like to do on their day off? Visit a museum, of course! Enthusiasm for the art of presenting to the public is their stock-in-trade.

On 12 August Graham Cahill and John Dunlevy of Heritage Concorde hosted a group of guides from the Aerospace Bristol Museum at Filton. They had heard about the Concorde Project at Duxford and were keen to see what had been done.

Filton Guides with their DAS Hosts.

Photo credit Graham Cahill.

Heritage Concorde have been working with DAS for several years, initially planning and designing the work with our Concorde Group. Then the serious work of restoration, conservation and reconstruction began.

Graham and John and their colleagues have brought the aircraft back to life. Her nose droops, the flight deck is illuminated and the intake ramps are moving again. We even have engine start-up sound for special occasions! A huge job and a wonderful result.

DAS volunteers, have put in many hours of unpaid work, using photographs and diagrams to reconstruct the interior as it would have looked in 1971. 101 is rewired, has full fire protection and CCTV security.

Concorde’s Ice Station.

Our visitors were impressed. Very impressed. If only all our DAS workshop crew had been there. Their workmanship was much admired and the overall plan to give our visitors a re-creation of 101 during her glory years was given the stamp of approval.

There is still much to be done. Phase two will concentrate on the passenger history and technical tours. The Filton visitors confirmed that interest in this wonderful aircraft is undimmed by the passing years.

Concorde 101’s unique emergency exit.

During the nose lowering demonstration, some of the guides assisted on the flight deck whilst others joined the crowd and listened to the presentation and watched the visitors’ wonder.

By CEW. All photos by Steve Jeal unless noted.