DAS Launches New Archive Section.

Over the years DAS has acquired or had donated large quantities of aircraft components, memorabilia, photographs and documents. That’s apart from the books, magazines and other items that continue to come in.  We also have filing cabinets full of documents and photographs that record the history of the aircraft and the restoration projects that have been carried out over the years. The DAS Board recognised that this material needed to be sorted and catalogued and so the DAS Archive project started in November 2014.

An Archive office has been set up within the DAS Yard and a team of volunteers is working to identify and photograph every item in the DAS collection.  All of this information is being entered on a new software database that has been specifically written for DAS and once entered, each item gets its own barcode label so we know exactly what we have and, just as importantly, where it is being stored!

As we build up our Archive records, we plan to make the information more widely available and ultimately to have an on-line catalogue that everyone can view and search.  In the meantime if you are an existing DAS member and require more information or want to join the Archive team, please contact one of the names below. Non DAS members please contact the DAS office.

Key contacts

DAS Board sponsor                          David Norman

Project Manager & IT                       Graham Randall

Archivist                                           Chris Heaton

Archive photography                        Charles Butler