DAS Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Over 200 members and invited guests were present at Duxford Aviation Society’s 40th anniversary celebrations and all enjoyed a full day of entertainment. After an arrival coffee and cake in the AirSpace Concorde Suite all guests made their way to the Marshall Auditorium for a series of talks.

First up was David Garside (DAS Chairman) who gave a talk about Duxford Aviation Society, past, present and future. David explained how past and present members of the Society through their voluntary efforts and commitment had contributed to the success and growth of the Duxford site since it came close to dereliction in the 1970’s.

David Garside (DAS Chairman)


Members and guests filled the Marshall Auditorium to the point it was standing room only!!!


Next to speak was Gary Beach (Chairman, Military Vehicle Wing) who gave a highly informative talk about the formation of the Military Vehicle Wing and its interactions with the IWM.

Gary Beach (Chairman, Military Vehicle Wing)


Last to speak was Captain John Hutchinson (British Airways Captain, retired). John was a former Concorde pilot and entertained the audience with a highly interesting and extremely amusing account of his life as a Concorde pilot.

Captain John Hutchinson (British Airways Captain, retired).


After a lavish buffet lunch the guests were shown a demonstration of the Concorde nose operation, in charge of proceedings was David Hands the DAS operations manager. The flight deck was manned by Heritage Concorde, an engineering group committed to Concorde, and former Concorde engineers. Heritage Concorde have been instrumental in bringing life back into the DAS Concorde.


A large crowd gathered to see the Concorde nose droop demonstration.


Also on view for the first time were the fully functional Concorde landing lights.


A talk on the restoration of Airspeed Ambassador G-ALZO was held in the Duxford control tower. Due to space constrictions this was only attended by members who had been actively involved in the restoration.


The newly completed interior  of the Airspeed Ambassador G-ALZO.


In the aftAll aircraft in the British Airliner Collection were open for viewing and the Military Vehicle Wing conducted tours of their workshops.


Guest of honour Captain John Hutchinson, his wife and David Garside visiting the Military Vehicle Wing.