Surprise Dad on Father’s Day ! Or realise your own dream of sitting in the pilot’s seat on a Heritage aircraft in the British Airliner Collection being guided through the controls. It’s also a great photo opportunity. 

Duxford Aviation Society is offering VIP passes to the flight deck of your choice on Sunday 18 June 2017. 

This fabulous aviation experience, on any one of our aircraft, can only be pre-booked by calling us on 01223 836593 or email


Sessions are 30 minutes long. Group size varies between two and three depending on the size of the flight deck. The cost is £40 for two or £60 for three. Concorde is £80 for two people. No observers will be allowed on board. 

Please note that the usual entry fee is payable to visit IWM Duxford. 

There are five available slots on each aircraft: 


12:00 -12:30

1:00 – 1:30

2:00 – 2:30

3:00 – 3:30

                          Available aircraft 

Aircraft/location                  Max number on flight deck

Concorde – Airspace                               Two

Comet – Airspace                                    Three

York – Airspace                                       Two

Hermes – Airspace                                  Three

Airspeed Ambassador                             Two

Vickers Viscount                                      Two

Bristol Britannia                                       Three

Handley Page Herald                              Two

Vickers Super VC10                                Three

Trident                                                     Three

BAC 1-11                                                Two


Confirmation of your booking and payment will be sent by email. Please bring this to the British Airliner Collection desk once you have paid for your entry to IWM Duxford. Our representative will give you your VIP Boarding pass, confirm the time and direct you to the aircraft. You’ll need to be at the aircraft steps ten minutes before your session. 

On arrival at the steps you’ll be met by your guide.

We hope you’ll have a wonderful time!