Bastiste Jagoury, one of Duxford Aviation Society’s work experience students, talks about his summer at IWM Duxford

“I’m a 19-year old French Engineering student and two years ago, I began a five-year Aeronautical Engineering Course at ESTACA in Laval, south of Rennes, France.

“Seized by a passionate love of flying machines when I was a child, I always wanted to be an engineer. But not any kind of engineer – the aeronautical kind!

“Working at Imperial War Museum Duxford has been a wonderful opportunity for the child I was and at heart still am – wandering between the most famous and incredible planes ever made, learning about them and even having the chance to work on them.

“What amazes me is that some of the aircraft still fly! Seeing two or three Spitfires taking off from the airfield and doing aerobatic figures in the sky almost every day is truly amazing!

“As vice-president of a student association at school that organises flights and visits, I had high expectations of my time here at Duxford and I haven’t been disappointed.
I’ve been in the cockpit of Concorde, on a tank ride during the July airshow and I even visited the hangar where they are restoring the Spitfires.

“Restoring aeroplanes is very enjoyable. Learning about how they were made decades ago, fixing them as best possible and resolving problems linked with ageing – it’s actually very nice!

“It was fun to work with my fellow student, Carla Gendron, Chris, Mark and all the guys in the workshop. Thank you DAS for a very interesting experience.”