AISLE CHAT 2 by Sally Stewardess


The Viscount

The Viscount team were given a £50 donation to be used specifically on the Viscount during a visit by Mrs Pat Broad whose late husband Captain Ron Broad used to fly our aircraft for Cambrian Airways. The Team had the privilege of meeting him in the late 90’s when he visited us and placed an anecdote in our visitors book. With this donation they decided to purchase some material to make the headrest covers and so liaised with Ray Wright of the Ambassador to help make the covers for Viscount and with this in mind John Overall designed the pattern to go on to the covers for which he also made a transfer. Having received the covers all he had to do was to iron on the transfers to over 65 covers!

They also had already received an earlier donation of £50 from Pat Broad, which the team used as part of the cost of upgrading the electrical switching system on the aircraft. Prior to this the switches, some 12 of them, were placed in various sometimes awkward places around the Aircraft The team designed and made a switchboard which now contains all the switches required to “light up” the aircraft and is situated in a cupboard above the dehumidifier.



Below are photo’s of the interior of the Viscount.

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