About Us

A Brief History of the Society

Duxford Aviation Society (DAS) is a voluntary organisation which came into being in 1975 and is a partner organisation of the Imperial War Museum (IWM).

The Society exists to:

preserve historically important British Civil Airliners;

support the IWM; and

promote knowledge of the development of British civil aviation through a policy of acquisition and restoration

DAS Door

With the passage of time these aims have been widened to include other preservation projects such as military vehicles. The Society maintains and owns The British Airliner Collection and opens some of these aircraft to the public on a daily basis. The DAS Military Vehicle Wing (MVW) regularly presents demonstrations of tanks and other vehicles based at Duxford.In association with the IWM, the Society launched the Friends of Duxford (FOD) in January 1999 as a joint initiative between the Duxford Aviation Society and the Imperial War Museum with support from Fly Past magazine. Its aims are to help promote interest in and encourage visitors to IWM Duxford, and help support the Museum both financially and practically. The Society is a registered charity and its funds come from the public, from donations, from fund raising activities and as a result of services provided to the Museum. New members are always welcome.

The Civil Aircraft Section

This section of the Society is responsible for the restoration and preservation of the British Airliner Collection. The Airliners are restored and maintained by volunteers under the guidance of a Project Manager who is a full time employee of the Society. Volunteers are drawn from all walks of life and levels of skill but all have an abiding interest in the preservation of the aircraft collection. Many of the volunteers do not have directly aviation-related skills but learn from those that do and the level of restoration achieved is testament to their industry and commitment. 

The Military Vehicle Section

The members of the MVW are involved in the restoration and preservation of military vehicles. In their workshop they restore vehicles belonging to the Society and to the IWM, and other vehicles that are privately owned but are on loan to the museum or the Society.The collection of vehicles is extensive and varied and a great deal of work is involved in keeping them all in good condition. Some of the vehicles are being restored as running examples whilst the remainder are destined for static display. The MVW is responsible for much of the restoration work on vehicles used in the various tableaux in the Land Warfare Hall.The MVW is located in a workshop at the western end of the Land Warfare Hall. Vehicle demonstrations can often be seen taking place in the adjoining running area, and it is possible to arrange rides on some of these exciting vehicles.